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Back to School Middle School Math Activities

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Your middle school math students will love these fun and engaging activities as they get back to school. These are tasks that require problem-solving skills to complete. These are approachable for various skill levels. Increase rigor by requiring models, equations and justification. These work great for 6th - 8th grade as the focus is on problem-solving and not necessarily certain math skills.

Includes these Activities

  • Seating Chart Logic Puzzle: Students determine the first and last names of students as well as their assigned seat number. Included is the logic puzzle with and without the grid. Great problem to have students practice constructing viable arguments.

  • Number Riddles: In these number riddles students are given certain clues about a specific number. Remembering division rules will help students solve these riddles. If students don’t remember their division rules, have them work the problem out through logic. Great problem to have students practice justifying.

  • Back to School Snack: Students are given clues about how many candies were in the candy dish. Students must work backwards to solve this puzzle. Excellent problem to have students practice modeling and reasoning.

  • Home Lunch: Given different options for sandwiches, fruits, and dessert. Students determine how many different combinations are possible. Perfect problem to have students show a model.

  • Also Included: Math Mindset Questionnaire: Are your students teachable? Evaluate your students’ math mindset.


This resource allowed me to get a good picture of how my students worked together and engaged with math right away at the beginning of the school year.

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