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Graphing Linear Equations Stations

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Engage your students with these graphing linear equations stations in your 8th grade matha and Algebra classrooms. These graphing stations will help your students dive into the mathematics of graphing lines. Students will graph linear equations, write equations from points, write equations from graphs, and analyze the rate of change with real-world graphs.

Stations Included

  • Slope-Intercept Form: Students graph lines given the equation in slope-intercept form.
  • Write Equations from Given Points: Students are given a pair of coordinate points and will write the equation for the line in slope-intercept form that contains these two points.
  • Writing Equations from Graphs: Students are given points on a graph and will write the equation of the line that passes through the pair of points.
  • Rate of Change: Students are given graphs of real-world situations and are asked to analyze the rate of change and make sense of the graphs.
  • Slope Analysis: In this coloring activity students will analyze whether a slope is undefined, zero, positive or negative given an equation, graph, or coordinate points.

Each station will take about 15 – 20 minutes to complete. These would also be great to use as homework, group work or assessments. A recording sheet and answer sheet are included.

No refunds will be given. Please contact me for any questions. 😊

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