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Volume of Cones and Spheres Stations

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Grab these volume of cones and spheres stations to help your 8th Grade math and Geometry students discover, apply and practice volumes. Students will discover the volume formulas for cones and spheres through a discovery task. Students will apply these volume formulas to applied tasks. Students will then practice the formula for volumes of cones and spheres. Also included, is a volume challenge task to extend their thinking.

Stations Included

  • Volume of cylinders discovery
  • Volume of cylinders formula practice
  • Volume of cylinders application
  • Volume of spheres discovery
  • Volume of spheres formula practice
  • Volume of spheres application
  • Volume challenge
  • Also includes recording sheets and answer sheets

Each station will take about 15 – 20 minutes to complete. I would not do these all in one day, as they require a lot of problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills. Students will need time to process their thinking and reason through the problems. Students will be most successful if they are given enough time to complete these stations.

Required Materials

To accurately complete these math stations students will need access to a hollow cylinder, a cone and a hemisphere that have the same radius. The cone and the cylinder need to be the same height as well. These can be purchased for a reasonable price. If you do not wish to purchase these items, they can also be made. You can use a can as a cylinder and create the cone and hemisphere out of aluminum foil using the cylinder as your guide.

No refunds will be given. Please contact me for any questions. 😊

One purchase is for one teacher/family. You may only use this item with students in a single classroom/family. 

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