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Fun and engaging notes and math stations to teach and review the distributive property. These activities are perfect to help your middle school math students make sense of the distributive property and combining like terms through modeling, discovery, error analysis, puzzles, practice, activities and writing.

This product includes:
  • Multiplication Analysis Notes: Two pages of notes to help your students learn the distributive property through modeling, connections and discovery. These notes help teach the distributive property. The math stations are to reinforce the distributive property.
  • Distributive Property Math Puzzle: A 13 piece puzzle where students connect two equivalent expressions. One requiring the distributive property to be simplified.
  • Teacher Time: An error analysis activity. Students correct a given student’s quiz and find the errors in the use of the distributive property.
  • Distributive Property Practice: 20 expressions that require the distributive property to simplify. The focus of this station is for students to focus on the signs of the terms.
  • Can you do the Distributive Property Backwards: Students are given 10 simplified expressions, and are challenged to write the expression that would simplify to that expression using the distributive property. This activity is great to challenge your students.
  • The Colorful Rug: A coloring activity. Students are given 16 expressions to simplify using the distributive property. They then color a figure according to their answers. Colors required for the activity: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black.
  • Letter Writing: A writing activity. Students write a letter to their friend who missed class about everything they learned about the distributive property.
Each station will take about 15 – 20 minutes to complete. These would also be great to use as homework, group work or assessments. A recording sheet and answer sheet are included.

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